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what a shitty day

ok fuck this day i hate it, its an overall terrible day, i could of died and it would of been a better day, ok so i get up and go to school and guess what i have no scraper or anti freeze, just fucking great, so i can barelly see when im going down the road, school itself wasnt bad, then the shittyness begins, im going down vining to get my sister at the airport and i roll down my windows to the the ice off of them and boom my fucking window falls down into the door, wouldnt of minded in the summer but its 20 degrees, ok then i get to airport and circle it for 1 1/2 straight and then becky finally calls and guess what my phone goes dead and i dont no where she is, so i park my car and get out and finally get her, then i go to pay and guess waht the machine eats my ticktet, YEY so then it the delays the process of me getting the fuck out of the airport, and now im finally home and im gonna sit here and fucking do drugs till i die, i wish

just a thought, i have so many good friends i used to hang out with in previous years that i barellly even talk to, hmm
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im sry man that sucks.
im over it
besides the window thing
damn that sucks
sorry kiddo
I love you and i miss you


January 8 2004, 20:20:54 UTC 14 years ago

It's called life. Deal with it.
wow your really fucking gay, acctually "asshole" in my everyday life all those events dont happen on a daily basis, and actually i did deal with it because im over it now go back to fucking yourself bitch



February 21 2004, 06:22:30 UTC 14 years ago

I will. It's better than reading your journal. ;)